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Carol Duchamp Gallery of Paintings

Watercolors, Acrylics, Collage, Assemblage, Prints

Duchamp Gallery

Art Reception

Art Preview

Carol Duchamp, Angel on Fire, acrylic on paper, 22"x 30", August 2012

Carol Duchamp, Symphony in Pink, acrylic on paper, 22"x 30", April 2012

Carol Duchamp, Sweet Surprise, acrylic on paper, 22"x 30", March 2012

Carol Duchamp, Looking Glass, acrylic on paper, 22"x 30", August 2012


Carol Duchamp, Canyon View, acrylic on paper, 22"x 30", August 2012

Carol Duchamp, Coral Sea, acrylic on paper, 22"x 30", January 2012










Art Classes

with Carol Duchamp


Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic

Painting Classes

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Watercolor and Wine:

Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic Painting Techniques

Dordogne, France June 25 - July 7, 2013

The Poetics of Water Media Painting:

Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic Painting Techniques

Tuscany/Umbria, Italy Oct 1 - 13, 2013

(Florence, Assisi, Gubbio)

Tahiti & Huahine Islands July, 2014

Renew your art spirit with color and wet-into-wet water media techniques that offer the amateur and professional painter the broadest expressive range. Innovative teaching methods will build self-confidence and skill. Enjoy a warm and supportive environment that nourishes the intuitive power of self-expression. All levels of skill are welcome. Enhance your creativity and nurture your artist's voice.

Class demonstrations and discussion include wetting the paper, color theory, brushwork, edge shading, compositional energy, visual rhythm, atmospheric & textural effects, one-on-one feedback, contemporary art history, signature voice, the dialectic of technique & free expression, and more. We cover traditional and non-traditional approaches in our toolbox for painters.




About Art Trek

Off-the-beaten track art classes to magical destinations - California, France, Italy and French Polynesia in 2012.

For 20 years we have been designing, organizing, teaching and leading art classes that educate, inspire and nurture the artist in us all. We get behind the scenes, choose accommodations with character, and foster authentic interaction with local people and landscape. Whether your work moves in a realistic, abstract or somewhere in between direction, instruction is individualized and nurtures each participants signature voice. Life long friendships are made on Art Trek trips. Some participants return again and again to enjoy the unique art & travel experiences we offer.

Art Trek International 2013-2014

Dordogne, France/ June 25 - July 7

Tuscany/Umbria, Italy / Oct 1 - 13

Tahiti & Huahine Islands / July 2014

Check out the visuals! Strasbourg, France offers painters a magical, tranquil painting environment. Cobbled streets, canal reflections, windowbox geraniums in bloom, extensive pedestrian zones. Her Alsatian wines are world renowned. Gubbio, Italy offers ideal insight into the Italian Renaissance - four guild related neighborhoods, Renaissance architecture, churches with frescoes and a contemporary Italian life-style authenticity. A wonder to behold!

Schedule In Brief 2013-14

Dordogne, France/ June 25 - July 7

Tuscany/Umbria, Italy/ Oct 1 - 13

Tahiti & Huahine Islands/ July 2014


Art Classes 2012

Water Media Painting: Plein Air Watercolor and/or Fluid Acrylic

Gardens, Castles & Pre-Historic Cave Art

Dordogne June 25 - July 7, 2013/ France

Water Media Painting: Plein Air & Studio Watercolor and/or Fluid Acrylic

Tuscany/Umbria October 1 - 13, 2013/ Italy

Tahiti & Huahine Islands July 2014 / French Polynesia

Travel Study Workshops Include:

Daily Painting Classes with Carol Duchamp

Innovative Teaching Methods (Group & One-on-One Instruction)

Experimentation & Self-Discovery in Inspirational Settings

Nurture of individual artist's voice as a painter

California Studio Classes

Poetics of Water Media


Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic

Jan 28, Feb 25, Mar 24, 2012

Watercolor and Fluid Acrylic Painting Workshop

with artist Carol Duchamp

Water Media Painting: Watercolor and/or Fluid Acrylic

Studio on the Mesa/Bolinas, California

Saturdays, 1-day, 10 AM - 4 PM, $95 (bring picnic lunch)

Nov 17, Dec 8, 2012

Jan 26, Feb 23, April 20, May 11, 2013


Dordogne, France

Water Media Painting

Gardens, Castles & Pre-Historic Cave Art

June 25 - July 7, 2013


Watercolor and/or Fluid Acrylic Painting Workshop

with artist Carol Duchamp


Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

Water Media Painting

Renaissance Art & Architecture

Sacred Sites

October 1 - 13, 2013


Watercolor and/or Fluid Acrylic Painting Workshop

with artist Carol Duchamp

Florence, Assisi, Gubbio

Relais Ducale / Gubbio Italy





Tahiti & Huahine Islands

French Polynesia

Water Media Painting

July, 2014

Watercolor and/or Fluid Acrylic Painting Workshop

with artist Carol Duchamp

Te Tiare Beach Resort, Huahine Island, French Polynesia


Carol Duchamp

Watercolor, Fluid Acrylic, Mixed Media, Image Transfer, Collage

Carol Duchamp's teaching style encourages experimentation and self-discovery in a supportive environment that nourishes the intuitive power of self-expression. Her paintings are rich in color, lushly saturated and sensual in form, and have been described as 'cosmic, flowing and full of light." She is an exhibiting artist with twenty years of experience in creating visionary art classes to exotic destinations. Class demonstrations and discussion include wetting the paper or canvas, color flooding and gradation, brushwork, compositional energy, atmospheric effects, edge tinting, textual elegance and the use of watercolor crayon and acrylic inks. Wet-into-wet techniques are emphasized. Painting with acrylic wet-into-wet on raw canvas (stain painting) and sculptural collages are added venues. Carol holds an MA from the University of Strasbourg, France in French and Sociology. Carol brings to her classes a wide range of techniques and focus on the development of the individual artist's voice. She has additional training in transformative and expressive arts.


Reservation Information

Classes are ideal for beginners, teachers, therapists, and artists working in any medium who are seeking a fresh start. Small groups allow for one-on-one instruction. Enjoy the camaraderie of traveling and painting with like-minded artists and art lovers.

Contact Us

Please call 415 868 9558 or email to discuss your interest.
Student Gallery View student watercolors painted on travel classes to France and French Polynesia (Tahiti & Huahine), paintings by Studio students, and student comments on travel classes and art instruction.

Travels with Caroline

Art Trek Travel Blog


Art Trek Travel Stories

France 2011

Italy 2011

Dear Artist and Traveler, watercolorclasses_france_dordogne_watercolorworkshop
Please join me to celebrate my last season of Art Treks to France, Italy and French Polynesia. If you've participated in one of my art & travel extravaganzas before, please return 2012 to experience the joy, acquisition of new painting skills and camaraderie of traveling with other artists.

If you've been following these inspirational art experiences but never joined, now is the time to fulfill your Art Trek dream. And if your new to Art Trek, please hop on board for one of the best painting experiences you'll ever have.

I spent two months summer of 2011 teaching and scouting new Art Treks in France and Italy. Of all the possible locations I chose Strasbourg, France and Gubbio, Italy as the most inspiring and unique new Art Trek destinations. Both of these towns offer unsurpassable visuals for painting, tranquil and authentic cultural environments, and fascinating histories. Alsace is famed for her white wines, the Strasbourg cathedral is a fully sculpted work of art, and her cobbled streets, charmed architecture and the watery reflections of her canals will act as muse on our hearts as we paint.

Gubbio, Italy is a Renaissance town with stunning architecture, meandering cobbled streets, churches with frescoes galore and a multi-tiered hillside layout that offers stunning views of the town and Umbiran countryside. The locals are warm-hearted and friendly, and offer a glimpse into what it truly means to be Italian and sing your language.

Traveling with a group of artists is an exciting event. For the past twenty years I have designed inspiring watercolor painting classes for artists and art lovers. My classes offer instruction in non-traditional as well as traditional watercolor painting techniques with an emphasis on wet-into-wet and the development of a personal style. Participants paint in a warm and supportive environment that nourishes self-expression. I invite you to join me for art iwatercolorclass_france_dordogne_paintingworkshopnspiration and practice in these two stunning locations for 2012.

My own foray into acrylic painting on both raw and primed canvas has proved to be as exciting and rewarding as my passion for watercolor. Understanding the watercolor phenomenon is an excellent basis for work with fluid acrylic and mixed media techniques. Each class begins with exercises that lead to a thorough understanding of the nature of watercolor - it's spontaneity, transparency, visual poetry and innate behavior. It is from this ground or foundation that we explore the tools and techniques of watercolor and fluid acrylic painting.

Art Trek travel/study workshops are creatively designed to provide time for painting daily, in-depth experience of local culture and landscape, and the sharing of our art work. The warm and supportive atmosphere of the workshops and the stimulating visual environments we encounter enhance our creative energies and make for unforgettable art experiences. The camaraderie as we paint, travel and discover together is extraordinary. Our well-paced, innovative itineraries and comfortable accommodations are orchestrated and selected with an artist’s eye. Art Trek welcomes beginner to professional levels of skill. Photographers, friends and spouses of workshop participants are welcome. I invite you to give me a call. I enjoy discussing my classes and travel workshops.watercolorpaintingclass_france_dordogne_antibes_frenchriviera

I hope you can join me for an unparalleled art experience!

Carol Duchamp, Artist/Director


Quotes from participants and links

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