The Poetics of Water Media Painting 2012

Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic

2012 Art Treks to Strasbourg, France / Gubbio, Umbria, Italy / Tahiti & Huahine Islands, French Polynesia

If you enjoy beauty, cultural authenticiy, easy acces to painting locations and travel with like-minded people, you will enjoy any one of our 2012 Art Treks. Renew your art spirit with wet-into-wet water media techniques that offer the amateur and professional painter the broadest expressive range.We nourish our creativity in inspirational settings and fill our hearts with painting inspiration.

Watercolor and Wine, Strasbourg, France June 19-29, 2012 is one of our featured Art Treks for 2012. Our location at Regent Petite France in a beautifully situated 4-star hotel in the heart of La Petite France, surrounded by canals, cross-beam architecture dating from the middle ages and window boxes full of geraniums is a setting to inspire any painter. Whether your work moves in a realistic or abstract direction, artist/instructor Carol Duchamp's teaching methods will build confidence and skill. Course includes tips and techniques for watercolor and fluid acrylic painting including acrylic inks and mediums. We spend one week in the largely pedestrian zone of the historic part of Strasbourg and 3 nights in Alsatian wine country.

The Poetics of Watercolor, Gubbio, Umbria, Italy July 3 - 14, 2012 will include watercolor and fluid acrylic painting classes in Perugia, Gubbio, and Spirolo on the Adriatic Riviera. Gubbio is an exquisite Renaissance town built on a three tiered hillside with refined architecture and authentic character. Dante lived here and Saint Francisco frequented. We will have the opportunity to explore the superb collection of Renaissance and pre-Renaissance paintings at the National Gallery in Perugia,visit Assisi and Urbino, and paint daily from our studio terrace overlooking the Consolo Publico and Piazza Grande in Gubbio. There are a myriad of superb plein air painting sites within ease walking distance of our historic 4-star hotel, the Relais Ducale.

The Poetics of Watercolor, Tahiti & Huahine Islands, French Polynesia December 20-30, 2012. We return to one of our all time favorite painting destinations. Following two nights in Tahiti and an excursion to the Musée Gauguin and Botanical Garden, we fly to Huahine and transfer by water taxi to luxury accommodations at Te Tiare Beach Resort. Our spacious bungalows with partially covered decks act as our classroom as does the surrounding tropical garden, white sand beach and turquoise lagoon. The Polynesian people are as lovely as their landscape and we will enjoy dance festivities, local craft demos and delicious food.

Classes include a thorough exploration of the mediums of watercolor and fluid acrylic. Class demonstrations and discussion will include wetting the paper or canvas, color, brushwork, compositional energy, atmospheric effects, textual elegance, and the use of acrylic inks and mediums . We will also experiment with the beauty of accidents, back-up puddles, color saturation, improvisation, and transparency. One of our goals as painters will be to discover the personal palette of colors and shapes unique to each of us and to make use of their full expressive power. Wet-into-wet painting techniques will be emphasized.

Participants in all programs will receive a solid foundation in water media painting (watercolor and fluid acrylic). Our process oriented approach will enhance creativity and nourish the artist in one and all. We make the invisible visible (Paul Klee) through an art practice that combines skill building with the nurture of the intuitive power of self-expression. Subjective as well as objective reality will be part of our painting practice. Tuning ourselves to art as play, rhythm as composition and spontaneity as presence enhances the originality of our work and keeps us open to surprise effects without judgement.

watercolor classes_santafe_tahiti_marquesas_france_antibes_ dordogne_california_italyAll classes and retreats are an excellent venue for anyone seeking enhanced creativity, self-expression through the visual arts or an infusion of vitality into their current art practice.

Unique Features: The atmosphere of camaraderie we provide is unsurpassable. Painting and traveling with other artists is a learning process in itself. Because our focus is art, be it painting, museum visits or interaction with guest artists, our creative energies take off in a manner often difficult to realize at home. Classes and itineraries are well paced and reflect years of experience in organizing art classes both here and abroad.

Watercolor & Fluid Acrylic: We have found that watercolor as a medium lends itself to self-expression and travel. The non-traditional approach creates the space for experimentation and freedom of expression. Our philosopy is that every human born is an artist and that artistic development, though often short changed by our busy lives, is important on a personal as well as societal level. If taught in a playful experimental way, watercolor and fluid acrylic paintingare mediums accessible to everyone.

Skill Level: Painting classes accommodate all levels of skill. Beginners are taught with innovative methods that build self-confidence and encourage the development of a personal style, whether abstract or representational or somewhere in between. Instruction is always individualized and we encourage more experienced painters to push their limits by adding energy and visual excitement to their work. Through additional experimentation and play, they often discover their unique signature or a new voice as an artist.

Group Size: Because our painting groups are small, we are able to provide individual technical assistance and her own personal style.

Custom Design: We personally scout and/or hand pick down to the finest detail the art experience in store for lucky participants. Lodging, meals, excursions, classes and art parties on travel programs are carefully orchestrated to provide the most personable and inspiring learning experience possible.

Artist/Instructor Carol Duchamp in Strasbourg

Contact: Please call Art Trek at 415-868-9558 to discuss your interest. Or email us at We would be happy to send you a list of past participants eager to share their Art Trek experiences with you.

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